Numeris is a comprehensive locking solution that enables furniture manufacturers or dealers to take advantage of the latest advances in lock technologies and broaden their product lines with exciting new offerings. As part of this comprehensive approach, Numeris products come with user-friendly management tools, lock-management software, allowing the dealers to provide an instant service and support package.

Numeris locks are set-up and programmed by use of a utility key. Once a utility key is introduced to a lock, it becomes its master. Following best practices, all locks at a particular site should be set-up with the same tool key to keep the management simple, though customers can use multiple keys if needed. In fact, there is no limit to the quantity of the utility keys, so customers can choose to assign different masters for individual department, floors or buildings or have multiple utility keys keyed alike. If the utility keys are lost or stolen, dealers can easily issue new ones. The originals are then voided, yet the lock’s programming is not affected.

The Numeris lock-management software system enables both OEM manufacturers or dealers to provide key management services. As such, manufacturers can choose to issue new keys to the end-user directly, or hand off management responsibilities to their dealer network. Dealers will also have access to erase keys, which can erase all data from a lock to bring it to factory original status. This feature is essential in the event that a customer has employee difficulties, undergoes a merger or purchased used furniture..